Climb Pico mountain

Sunrise from the top of PicoOn top of Portugal's highest mountainWinter climb with snowEnjoying a great view


Climb Pico volcano¬†and enjoy outstanding scenic views of Faial and S. Jorge from the top of Portugal’s highest mountain (2351 meters).
Join Pico’s most experienced mountain guides and witness the power of Nature on one of the tours below.

Day climb: 7h30am-5h00pm

Night & sunrise climb: 2-3h00am-11h00am

Sunset & sunrise climb: 15h00pm-11h00am

Includes: Pick-up, hiking equipment (hiking sticks, tent, sleeping bag, torches), insurance, mountain fees and a participation certificate.

Not included: Backpack, clothing, food and water

What to bring: Hiking boots or shoes, extra socks, rain/wind jacket and pants, wool or fleece hat, water bottle(s) (at least 1,5L), energy snacks (e.g. cereal bars, fruit), sunscreen and sunglasses.


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