Hiking In Faial and Pico

Sunset in FaialSightseeing in FaialCaldeira, FaialPico from FaialPico's central plateauEndemic Veronica dabneyiSunset from the top of Pico

Hiking In Faial

Several trails with outstanding views are a must do for everyone visiting Faial. Some of the most famous are the perimeter and the inside of the crater “Caldeira”, which comprises 50 of the 75 endemic plant species found in Azores and “Capelinhos” Volcano.

Duration: Half or full day, with an accredited guide

Hiking In Pico

Hike some of Pico’s most beautiful trails on a half or full day tour with an accredited guide.

Level of difficulty: easy to medium

Includes: pick-up, hiking sticks and insurance

What to bring: Hiking boots or shoes, extra socks, rain/wind jacket and pants, wool or fleece hat, water bottle(s) (at least 1,5L), energy snacks (e.g. cereal bars, fruit), sunscreen and sunglasses.


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